Living the Mission with Purpose

Non-profit organizations cultivate community, connect people and passions, and dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to the greater good. Inspired by referrals from leaders of non-profit affiliations, Congruence has adapted its proprietary planning model, Achieving Results on Purpose, to help non-profit leadership teams set a clear approach to fulfill their organization’s values by Living the Mission with Purpose.

We provide customized solutions that focus non-profits teams on strategic plan implementation. Living the Mission with Purpose has helped nonprofit leaders unite, focus and achieve a greater percentage of their significant goals, including generating increased giving, broadening public awareness of mission and increasing service to those in need.

Living the Mission with Purpose provides:

    Clarity about your organization’s values and mission — What drives you personally and collectively to serve? What distinguishes you from other organizations with similar or related missions?
    Greater efficacy in achieving organizational goals — How do each of our talents and actions contribute to living the mission? How can we increase our effectiveness in serving our members or community?
    A welcoming way to discuss success and gaps in reaching your vision — What steps can we take to ensure our work is impactful in the near-term and has lasting effects?
    Development for leaders to recognize team players who are advancing the mission and coaching for those who are falling off track — What can we do to show appreciation for each team member’s strengths? How are we measuring and celebrating success?
    Inspiration to live your mission with purpose! — Nothing fuels future effort as well as building on each success. What most inspires your team members to “keep on keeping on?” How do we incorporate this insight to fuel living the mission with purpose?

Click on the links below to hear from Jennifer Miller, president of KidSmart, to learn about Living the Mission with Purpose from nonprofit leaders.

Defining the Goal

Seeing Results

Investing in the Vision

Adding Value