Building Career Equity™

The average exit tenure of associates in professional service firms is less than three years. Congruence clients know that boosting retention rates is a direct result of strategic career planning.

For the past 10 years, Congruence has researched the career patterns and choices of thousands of professionals. From hundreds of exit interviews, literature reviews and mentoring sessions with partners, we now know that professionals stay engaged in their careers, clients and firm when five factors are present. We refer to these factors collectively as Career Equity. They are the “assets” professionals want to accumulate in their careers.

The research reveals that when professionals have high career equity everyone wins. The five Career Equity assets are:

  1. Challenging or engaging work
  2. Meaningful relationships
  3. Learning and growth
  4. Community involvement
  5. Total rewards (pay & benefits)

Case Study: What Career Equity Does Your Firm Offer?