About Us

Congruence, Inc. was founded in 2002 by Jan Torrisi-Mokwa, a specialist in leadership and organizational development for growing companies, professional services firms and non-profit organizations. After spending more than a decade leading people-related business practices, Jan recognized that all organizations have a common business need – clearly defined strategic goals with accountability.

Our work is guided by five core principles that, when applied effectively, create an environment for success:

Growth is an outcome of a clear vision and persistent action.

“And” is superior to “Or” — the best results are achieved 
through collaboration and abundant thinking.

Open and Honest Communication builds trust and interdependent relationships.

Carrots are more effective than Sticks — recognizing the right behaviors 
in a timely way accelerates growth and satisfaction.

Great Results are achieved “On Purpose,” not by accident.

Congruence offers organizational leaders proven tools and strategies to start and keep their firms on a path to meaningful growth.