Building a Career Equity Culture

Do you have the right associates on your team? Do they know your strategic goals and what you expect from them? Are you retaining the best professionals longer than four years? Do you know their personal career aspirations?  How do you acknowledge team members’ successes?

For professional service firms, where the business model is driven by and for people, leadership differentiates you from the competition. It’s well-known that engaged professionals drive higher levels of client satisfaction and more profitable projects. Congruence helps clients build a Career Equity™ Culture, one where firms achieve outstanding business results by systematically aligning the firm’s strategic goals with the career aspirations of each professional.  When professionals achieve their career goals, clients receive superior service and the firm realizes its strategic goals – a triple win.

Through a culture of collaboration and communication, we take the guesswork out of professional growth and retention. Based on our comprehensive research on professional retention and advancement, we work with clients to implement best practices that are most predictive of professional engagement, success and satisfaction:

  1. Building Career Equity™
  2. Building a Pipeline of Leaders
  3. Congruent Selections