Defining Desired Results

What is your organization’s purpose? What do you want to achieve? If we asked your team members about your most important goals, what would they say?

For most organizations, the first step to Achieving Results on Purpose is a comprehensive look at your firm’s mission, vision and core values. Research shows that leaders who clearly define their mission and purpose and regularly share results with their teams find them to be motivating forces for business success.

According to a FranklinCovey and Harris Poll less than 30% of professionals can articulate how their firm defines success – a red flag for leaders who are seeking purposeful, planned results. Ensuring connection between goals and aspirations among all firm members is a key indicator of your firm’s ability to deliver consistent and sustainable results.

100% of Congruence’s clients can articulate their firms’ goals and know how their efforts align to their firms’ priorities. We offer a proven approach to help your firm’s leaders and professionals achieve their goals in every phase of your business.

Case Study: Lessons Learned from Leaders Who Get Results
How can sharing your vision of success impact your bottom line? Architecture firm Arcturis saw a 16% increase in profitability after establishing a common set of values.