Keeping Score

How is your firm doing at honoring its plans and commitments? What percent of your associates fully achieve their stated goals and thus help the firm grow?

The most effective organizations know that just making a plan isn’t enough. Accountability is key. Leaders who achieve their goals and whose teams continue to thrive year after year systematically review firm and individual goals to track the path to achievement.

Congruence works with leaders of growing professional service firms to help develop and implement simple, effective scorecards and other tools that make accountability part of their culture. Our approach ensures that each member of your team:

    Understands and is committed to your firm’s goals.
    Has a written action plan for the desired results linked to his or her role.
    Can track the rate of success in moving a qualified client forward.

Case Study: Keeping Score: The Art & Science of Goal Achievement
How can you keep your team on track for great goal achievement? At L. Keeley Construction team members know that knowing the score is the first step on the path.