Annual Strategic Planning — Creating a shared vision is the cornerstone of collective achievement. In a guided, off-site planning session for your leadership team, Congruence helps you to set a vision and plan for success.  Key deliverables include a “scorecard” of vital and measurable results for monthly and quarterly “check-ins” throughout the year.

Leadership Accountability — Even leaders need a support system to achieve their ambitions. Regular meetings with Congruence promotes the accountability and tools necessary to achieve your desired results.

Professional Development Seminars — Align your team for meaningful results with targeted learning sessions designed to enhance collective capabilities and accelerate goal achievement.  For example, The Art & Science of Soliciting Client Feedback.

Customer, Board & Employee Feedback — Gathering opinions and ideas from customers and employees can help shape your definition of success. Congruence specializes in leading outcome-oriented conversations and focus groups to drive results.

Leadership Assessment — An organization is only as strong as its leadership. Congruence assesses the behavior, skills and competencies of your top-level team to discover areas of strength and improvement, building the capacity for success.  

Congruent Selections — Choosing the right people is the foundation of goal achievement. Congruence offers a proven interviewing process for selecting the best new member of your team, increasing productivity and retention.