Keeping Score: The Art & Science of Goal Achievement

Congruence, Inc.Think of your favorite winning team. How often do you look at the scoreboard during the game?

At L. Keeley Construction keeping score is an art and a science. This team is not letting the economic recession derail their game plan.

Instead, Rusty Keeley, C.E.O. and his leadership team have opened their playbook and honed key actions to ensure goal achievement. By increasing the frequency of goal reviews, Keeley has maneuvered more nimbly, targeting troublesome areas before they are problems.  Additionally, Chief Operating Officer, Mike Rupinksi, designed a link on the company’s extranet to make goal tracking real-time — taking goal awareness to new levels.

The result of this consistent scorekeeping? L. Keeley Construction’s civil business has met or exceeded every customer growth and financial goal. The paving business is growing national accounts when competitors are failing. In addition, the company has achieved all of this while maintaining 100% safety.

Is your team keeping score or sitting on the sidelines? Take an example from the L. Keeley Construction playbook scorekeeping is a discipline practiced daily.

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