The Value of Getting a Second Opinion

THE CHALLENGE/OPPORTUNITY: Selecting the Right People for the Role, Responsibilities, and Culture

Getting the right people with the right skills to serve the right clients at the right time is a priority in any company.

In a Professional Services Firms, recruiting is mission critical. People drive the firm’s reputation, relationships, and results. Having the wrong people “on the bus” is costly and painful.

Just ask Jonathan Campbell, President of WFF Facility Services, the value of hiring the right talent. Jonathan has recruited hundreds of professionals in his career. When it came to building his leadership team, he wanted a “Second Opinion”.


THE SOLUTION: Ensuring Candidates Skills, Values, and Work History Are “Congruent” With Your Needs

Jonathan asked us to offer a “Second Opinion” on his top candidates. Following a one-hour interview with each candidate we develop a Congruence Profile.

Each Congruence Profile outlines the candidate’s work-related successes, challenges, and reveals Performance

Patterns in 3 key areas:

  1. Honesty and Self-Awareness
  2. Interpersonal and Technical Fit
  3. Ability to Make a Transition to A New Culture


THE RESULT: The People Are On-Board and Achieving Results

Over a year has passed, since Jonathan has selected three new members for his leadership team made his selection decision. He is delighted with the results. The company is growing and he has greater capacity for future expansion.

YOUR NEXT STEPS: Talk to Congruence, Inc.

Call Congruence, Inc. or email Jan to learn more about Achieving Results on Purpose. We can help you ensure the time and resources you invest in sourcing, interviewing, and “selling” prospective candidates achieve the results you desire – inside and outside the firm.