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Jan’s 2010 Vital Pursuit: Results on Purpose, the Book

For the past 15 years, I have had the privilege of advising leaders on how to build leadership teams and organizations that achieve valued results.

This year one of my significant pursuits is to capture the impact intentional goal setting has for leaders in the form of a book. As those who have experienced the power of Achieving Results on Purpose know, no significant journey toward goal achievement can begin without collaboration.

I’m turning to those who have inspired my work to start the journey of completing a book before the end of 2010.

Vote on your favorite option for the title of a Congruence book that sums up your experience with goal achievement below. Or suggest an idea for a compelling title.

1) The Relentless Pursuit: How Great Organizations Achieve Results That Matter

2) Achieving Results on Purpose: How Leaders Align the Efforts of Their Teams to Win.

3) Why Accountable Leaders
Succeed: Best Practices of Leaders Who Achieve Results

4) Your Idea


Thank you in advance for taking time to contribute! Look for more details on the Congruence book throughout the year in the e-newsletter and on our website