Achieving Results on Purpose

results logoPurposeful and actionable planning has helped hundreds of leaders clarify their business goals, values and desired results in a practical and efficient way. Congruence’s proprietary planning model, Achieving Results on Purpose, is a customized program for helping results-oriented organizations achieve and sustain meaningful growth.

Achieving Results on Purpose starts with an assessment of what your business is today and clarifying where you want it to go. By engaging team members to advance progress toward shared goals, leaders develop systems that promote accountability and achieve meaningful results.

Each organization’s journey in setting and achieving meaningful goals is unique. Congruence offers customized consultation services designed to fit your leadership style and needs. Click on the lesson summaries below to learn more about some of Congruence’s most popular and impactful topics for achieving organizational success.

iStock_000008086996XSmallDefining Desired Results

Keeping Score

Building a Career Equity Culture

Leadership Assessment